Searchlight Repair

L.B. Harvey Marine repairs and rebuilds shipboard searchlights of all sizes regardless of age and condition. We maintain the most complete inventory of ITT Jabsco searchlight replacement parts in the Western Hemisphere.

mareine searchlight repair

At L.B.Harvey Marine, we have a vast inventory of part and assemblies, both new and used. We really have the parts in stock; we do not stick you with the façade of ordering parts that have not been available for years. Our parts search team is always looking for old inventories and distress sales worldwide. L.B.Harvey Marine has the capacity to paint and plate chrome, brass and black anodize. Our work is of factory quality and is guaranteed as such.

REBUILT lights functions 100% as factory new and appears 95% as factory.

REPAIRED lights function 100% as factory new and will appear as good as they can be made to look in the repair process based on the condition in which they are received.

REPAIR ESTIMATES are in writing, based on inspection and we will stick to our estimates. At the time of estimate, we suggest improvements, upgrades and offer advice on reinstallation, maintenance and future care.

marine searchlight control repairFrom controls to wiring; bulbs to gaskets; motors, reflectors, switches and circuit boards, L. B. Harvey Marine is the leading source for searchlight and spotlight repair, rebuild and remanufacture.