Pump Repair

pump repairL. B. Harvey Marine repairs and rebuilds shipboard pumps from .5 GPM to over 2,000 GPM, whether they are used as part of the fresh water, salt water, sewage or hydraulic system. We represent a broad selection of manufacturers. At L. B. Harvey Marine we have a vast inventory of parts and assemblies, both new and used. L. B. Harvey Marine has the capacity to sandblast your bronze pumps, repaint or refinish your pump inside and out. Our work is of factory quality and is guaranteed as such.

“They don’t make it anymore” are the words you do not want to hear when a crucial pump fails. Replacement with a new pump can require time-consuming, expensive re-plumbing and new mount fabrication. Fortunately, we can often rewind and rebuild pumps for less than the cost of a replacement, so you have a simple bolt-in repair. Remember, if your boat is going to be down for repair, you may want to rebuild other pumps at the same time, if they are of the same age.

OVERHAULED pumps functions 100% as factory new and appears 95% as factory.

REPAIRED pumps function 100% as factory new and will appear as good as they can be made to look in the repair process based on the condition in which they are received.

REPAIR ESTIMATES are in writing, based on inspection and we will stick to our estimate. At the time of estimate, we suggest improvements, upgrades and offer advice on re-installation, maintenance and future care.